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Joe Biden

  • Reached 200,000 new undecided voters in key swing states using AI and digital media
  • Engaged 15,000 undecided voters in Arizona, surpassing the margin of victory
President Joe Biden
Biden/Harris 2020


Harness the potential of conversational AI for presidential campaign marketing to connect the Biden campaign with undecided voters in crucial swing states, particularly those unreachable through traditional means due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Digital Paid Media, Design and Development, Social Media, Mobile Messaging, Artificial Intelligence


We merged the strengths of Facebook’s expansive platform with the precision and adaptability of conversational AI. By matching a list of voters the campaign couldn’t reach traditionally, we aimed to foster genuine and responsive engagements. This presidential campaign marketing approach was unique: Instead of just relying on voter IDs, we let our creative and AI lead our targeting efforts.

“We spent a lot of time reaching people we couldn’t reach on the phone or people we couldn’t reach at their homes. We did a lot of online programs, Click-to-Messenger programs that stimulated that engagement online, stuff I’m really proud of and allowed us to reach hundreds of thousands of voters that we couldn’t in any other way.”

Jen O’Malley Dillon, Campaign Manager, Biden for President


Facebook Click-to-Messenger Campaign

In an era where personal connection matters, the Biden presidential campaign marketing leveraged Facebook’s click-to-messenger feature to initiate authentic one-on-one conversations. These weren’t just broad-brushed engagements; they were targeted, tailored, and responsive. To achieve this, we matched a list of voters who had previously proven unreachable by conventional communication methods such as in-person visits or phone calls. Once connected, these voters received targeted Facebook ads, inviting them to a messenger conversation, thereby providing a platform where recipients could respond at their leisure, ensuring flexibility and respect for their time. This approach cast a wide net: the campaign served over 46 million impressions and reached nearly 6 million people. Out of this, a commendable 250,000 actively partook in these AI-driven conversations.

Conversational AI Engagement

Artificial Intelligence has steadily made its mark across various industries, and its application in the political realm for marketing the Biden presidential campaign was no exception. With a strong emphasis on adaptability, the campaign’s AI was designed to swiftly learn and adapt from the reactions and feedback of its users. Every engagement, every response, was a learning opportunity. The AI system not only facilitated these conversations but also efficiently funneled critical voter information back to the campaign. This data integration was seamless, dovetailing with other technologies like What made this approach even more strategic was its nuanced handling based on user reactions: ardent supporters were directed to make a voting plan, undecided voters received a more personal touch as they were handed off to campaign volunteers, and those uninterested were marked and excluded from future targeting efforts.

Creative & Targeting Approach

Instead of leaning heavily on traditional voter ID information for targeting, the Biden campaign decided on an innovative path. The digital creative was at the heart of this strategy. Using compelling visuals accompanied by “help me out” messaging beside an image of Joe Biden, the campaign reached out to its audience. Even without exhaustive voter ID details, this approach, rooted in genuine appeal and complemented by AI’s precision, ensured that a staggering 90% of respondents were true Biden supporters. This ingenious blend of creativity and technology not only amplified the campaign’s reach but also fine-tuned its audience, maximizing the impact of each engagement.


The scale and low cost of this program was astounding. We anticipated a ~$50 cost per new messaging connection when we began, but reached and identified hundreds of thousands of critical supporters for less than $10 each. The ability to produce results no matter the hour of the day was demonstrated on election day when the campaign invested an additional six figures to chase outstanding ballots from supporters.

In the end, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump and won many of the swing states we were hired to support the campaign in; that includes Arizona, where the number of conversations we generated was larger than the margin of victory.