From Our Clients

Authentic did a masterful job capturing our voice and raising tens of millions of dollars online. They were great partners and a key reason we flipped Colorado’s seat blue. We couldn't have asked for more from their team, and are so grateful we hired them. Senator-elect John Hickenlooper
In the most challenging political environment in decades, the team at Authentic has moved quickly, worked creatively, and communicated effectively in a way that allowed me to connect with supporters across California and the country. They have helped me build a digital program that has exceeded all my expectations, while remaining, well, authentic to my voice. Rep. Adam Schiff
I hired Authentic knowing our team needed the best-of-the-best in digital fundraising in order to raise the money needed to be competitive in a state as expensive as North Carolina. From the beginning, Authentic helped us invest smartly, move quickly, and innovate — ultimately raising far more online than I ever thought possible. Their content always reflected the tone and message of our race, and they constantly looked for ways to make the most of big moments. And as a manager overseeing a massive budget and complex finance operation, their detailed tracking of the performance of every aspect of the digital program was critical to my decision-making throughout the cycle. I cannot recommend Authentic highly enough. Devan Barber, Campaign Manager, Cal Cunningham for Senate
Authentic was our first hire and they were instrumental in launching our campaign and helping us win our primary. As we got off the ground in a tough race, their team did an incredible job running our online fundraising and grassroots organizing program and developing our branding and website. Authentic was a professional and thoughtful partner throughout the race, which I especially appreciated as a first-time candidate. I would highly recommend them to other campaigns in the future looking for a strong digital partner. Amy Kennedy, Candidate for Congress
Our digital fundraising program underperformed all cycle until we hired Authentic. Their team did an incredible job fixing serious deliverability issues hurting our campaign and significantly increased our fundraising numbers in the final, critical months of this election. They did it without sending one crass or spammy email — only content that was rooted deeply in Hiral’s unique voice. I wish we had hired them sooner. Alaina Pemberton, Campaign Manager, Hiral for Congress
With President Trump visiting Montana four times in five months and every major GOP group targeting him on the airwaves and online, Sen. Jon Tester needed to run a near-perfect campaign to win. Thanks to the digital expertise and fastidious attention to detail provided by Authentic, we exceeded internal fundraising goals and pushed out innovative persuasion ads that reached key audiences. The award-winning team at Authentic doesn't just make promises — they work with you every step of the way to execute and optimize your program. Whether it's sending a rapid response email draft late at night or adjusting a narrowly targeted flight of ads for maximum return, Authentic was there for Team Tester. If you're looking for a strategic partner that delivers on the nitty-gritty details that make the difference between winning and losing, I recommend choosing Authentic. Myles Bugbee, Digital Director, Montanans for Tester
When we started our work with Authentic, Senator Baldwin was in a tough race in a state that gave Donald Trump the White House just two years earlier. The team was able to move quickly and seamlessly, immediately getting results and expanding our digital program. They were proactive about content, creating ads and drafting emails, allowing us to capitalize on key moments and respond quickly to current events. The team was meticulous about tracking and reporting, and relentless when it came to testing and pushing for results. Throughout the campaign, Authentic never used any cookie-cutter methods. Instead of relying on the same old tactics over and over, they refreshed content regularly, continuously tried new things, and monitored and optimized in real-time. They put in the work and it made a difference in our race. That’s why we continue to work with them. Scott Spector, Campaign Manager, Tammy Baldwin for Senate
We faced two major challenges in 2020: First, Senator Smith had just won a Special Election in 2018 and had to immediately turn around and run for re-election in 2020, and second, President Trump had made Minnesota a top target after losing the state by only 1.5 points in 2016. We needed to have a team that was ready to respond to Trump's visits and historical investments in the state and Authentic delivered. The experienced team at Authentic executed an email and ads strategy that helped us meet our goals, capitalize on moments that elevated our race, and were attentive to our feedback and ideas along the way. They were a partner with us every step of this cycle and we're grateful for their expertise and dedication that helped us win. Jordan Foster, Digital Director, Tina Smith for Senate
It was an honor to work with the passionate, talented, and committed team of professionals at Authentic. They were dedicated to running effective and honest digital programs to mobilize action at all levels of member engagement and it was easy to develop a strong partnership that consistently delivered great results for Democracy for America day after day. Charles Chamberlain, Chairman, Democracy for America
Authentic moved quickly to grow our email list through paid acquisition and increase our online fundraising within a matter of weeks. Our email and ad leads were great partners throughout the campaign. They were always very honest and transparent about what was possible and not possible. They were a key part of Deborah winning this House seat by such a large margin in a tough year, and I highly recommend hiring them going forward. Caroline Spencer, Campaign Manager, Deborah Ross for Congress