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Brennan Center for Justice

  • Boosted the organization’s newsletter subscribers by 300K new names through newsletter advertising, a 204% increase
  • Seamlessly integrated diverse platforms and mediums to expand the Brennan Center’s reach
Brennan Center for Justice

Authentic paid media team grows the Brennan Center for Justice’s email newsletter by 204%


The Brennan Center for Justice is a nonpartisan law and policy institute that seeks to improve systems of democracy and justice. Rooted in the principles of equal justice and protection under the law, the organization focuses on issues of democracy, equal justice, and the rule of law. 

Amidst a dynamic and often tumultuous political landscape, the Center remains a steadfast, non-partisan advocate for reform, employing rigorous research, policy development, and legal action to ensure that these systems serve the public good. 


The Brennan Center hired Authentic to address a dual-pronged challenge. First, they aimed to significantly increase the subscriber base of their influential biweekly e-newsletter advertising. Enriching the diversity and scale of their audience was imperative to amplifying their reach and impact. Second, they sought to seamlessly transition these engaged readers into grassroots donors, thereby augmenting the organization’s funding and capacity to drive change.

In an era where information overload is making it harder for nonprofits to convert donors, the Brennan Center needed to not only capture attention but also cultivate a deep, lasting connection with their audience that would culminate in financial contributions.


Authentic embarked on a meticulously crafted journey to not only identify and acquire new subscribers but also to galvanize them into becoming active, contributing donors to the Brennan Center’s mission. We honed in on target audiences with a demonstrated affinity for progressive and pro-democracy causes as well as social justice nonprofit engagement, ensuring that our outreach was as resonant as it was expansive.

We used precise targeting, personalized content, and strategic timing to transform casual readers into committed donors. Each newsletter advertising communication was infused with the profound narratives and insights that characterize the Brennan Center’s work, establishing a profound emotional and intellectual connection with the audience.


Our approach was anchored in a robust digital ecosystem that seamlessly integrated diverse platforms and mediums, from digital ads on Meta platforms to static graphics and other direct acquisition venues. Each piece of content was a carefully crafted amalgamation of compelling narratives, actionable insights, and a clarion call to action. 

Authentic’s research created an intricate understanding of the targeted audience demographics which enabled the delivery of tailored content that not only informed but also inspired action. Real-time analytics and insights informed the continuous optimization of our strategies, ensuring that every communication was not only seen but also acted upon.


In the span of a year, Authentic’s strategic intervention translated into over 300,000 new names added to the Brennan Center’s email list. The number of newsletter subscribers grew by 204% – amplifying the Center’s reach and influence exponentially.

But we didn’t just stop at numbers. Each new subscriber was not a statistic but a potential advocate and donor, thanks to the personalized and engaging content that illuminated the Brennan Center’s pivotal role in shaping a just society. The seamless integration of insightful content and compelling calls to action ushered subscribers down the engagement funnel, transforming them from passive readers to active contributors.

This campaign underscores the pivotal synergy between Authentic’s strategic prowess and the Brennan Center’s compelling mission – a partnership that transcends numbers and seeds transformative societal change.


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