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Democratic Party of Wisconsin

  • Helped Wisconsin Democrats preserve their veto power by winning crucial battleground races
  • Delivered 55M impressions and 2.5M video views with digital persuasion in 9 key elections
Wisconsin Democrats


Our goal was to design a digital persuasion program for nine different down-ballot candidates. The challenge was to assist the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in “saving the veto” – ensuring they held sufficient seats to prevent Republicans from overriding vetoes from Democratic Governor Tony Evers.


Digital Paid Media, Design and Development, Logo and Branding, Mobile Messaging


Understanding the importance of telling each candidates’ story, we ran produced digital media outreach in the form of text videos, graphics, and search ads across digital channels highlighting information about each candidate. We utilized a layered targeting approach to help us increase our reach and went beyond just 1:1 voter file targeting. For any new and low propensity Democratic voters, we focused on educational content to help teach and remind voters how to vote and when to vote. We also used snackable 6 second videos in October and November to help remind voters of upcoming deadlines.

GOTV Video asset were produced by Rope Line Media.


Candidate-Centric Narratives

Understanding that each candidate possesses a unique and compelling story, we harnessed these narratives as central elements of our campaign. By producing an array of tailored text videos and graphics, we could individually highlight and promote every candidate’s accomplishments and priorities. These visuals were not only relatable but also emphasized their genuine commitment to the community and the issues at heart. This tactic ensured that voters were provided a comprehensive view of each representative, fostering familiarity and trust.

Layered Targeting and Voter Education

Digital media outreach demands precision, and with this campaign, we innovated beyond the traditional 1:1 voter file targeting. By implementing a layered targeting approach, we expanded our campaign reach, ensuring no potential voter was left out. Furthermore, recognizing that new and low-propensity Democratic voters needed guidance, we crafted educational content specifically for them. This content served to demystify the voting process, teaching and reminding them about when and how to cast their votes, thereby ensuring a more informed and active voter base.

Snackable Reminder Videos

As the voting deadlines neared, we capitalized on the power of brevity. Collaborating with Rope Line Media, we produced a series of snackable 6-second videos during October and November. These short, impactful videos were strategically designed to serve as effective reminders about imminent voting deadlines. Their concise nature ensured maximum viewer retention while effectively conveying the urgency of the voting timeline, encouraging timely action from the electorate.


After all the votes were counted, DPW was able to save the veto by 589 votes in the Senate and 5,837 votes in the Assembly (including winning two Assembly seats from incumbent Republicans). Our ads delivered more than 55 million impressions, over 75 thousand clicks, and about 2.5 million video views across key races in Wisconsin.