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Tina Kotek

  • Turned around the Kotek team’s online fundraising around by generating a 3,154.82% return on ad spend
  • Expanded the active list size by 5x and delivered a $600K net profit in the closing months
Governor Tina Kotek
Governor Tina Kotek


The 2022 General Election brought with it one of the most closely watched and fiercely contested races in the country — the three-way race for Governor of Oregon. Tina Kotek’s campaign initially struggled with online fundraising, making it even more challenging to compete against not one, but two, well-funded opponents. Authentic was brought in to turn around the program in the closing months of the election. 


General Consulting, Online Fundraising, Digital Advertising, Logo and Branding, Graphic and Web, and Mobile Messaging.


Our team devised a digital-first advertising strategy that would resonate deeply with Oregon’s populace and reflect the distinctive voice and historic story of Tina Kotek. We immersed ourselves in understanding the intricate dynamics of Oregon’s politics and developed a comprehensive plan focusing on two pivotal strategies: bulk acquisition buys and Google ads.

This approach not only elevated Tina Kotek’s digital presence but also significantly boosted the campaign’s fundraising prowess, especially in the crucial final months leading up to the election.

As the race became more competitive in September, the campaign used ads that focused on news headlines, election ratings downgrades, negative poll numbers, and the contrast between Tina Kotek and her opponents to bring in new donors and increase fundraising on Facebook.


Bulk Acquisition Buys:

One of the cornerstones of Tina Kotek’s digital-first campaign was the strategic use of bulk acquisition buys. Recognizing the potential to reach a wider audience and fortify our supporter base, we prioritized Oregon names and invested $19,252.25 in these buys. The result was a phenomenal growth, as we expanded the active list size from around 19,000 to approximately 96,000. This not only amplified the campaign’s reach but also ensured that our messaging was primarily resonating with those who were directly invested in Oregon’s politics.

Google Search Ads:

With the competition intensifying as the election day neared, it became paramount to use a tactic that would guarantee immediate results. Enter Google Search ads. With a keen focus on keywords and search patterns tailored for the Oregon demographic, we allocated resources judiciously. The outcome was a staggering $219,298.50 raised between July and November, marking a 337.5% return on ad spend. These ads didn’t just bring in funds but also ensured Tina Kotek’s message was reaching a vast segment of the online-searching populace, making her a familiar and preferred name.

Responsive Facebook Ads:

As the electoral atmosphere became more charged in September, we identified an opportunity to use real-time events to our advantage. Leveraging news headlines, election ratings downgrades, negative poll numbers, and contrasts between Tina Kotek and her competitors, we crafted engaging Facebook ads. These ads not only served to inform but also stirred emotions, motivating new donors to contribute and further boosting our online fundraising efforts. By tapping into current sentiments, these ads kept Tina Kotek’s campaign timely, relevant, and impactful.

“I am thrilled with the success we saw in our online fundraising thanks to the team at Authentic. They were deeply engaged in learning my voice and understanding the nuances of Oregon’s politics. The email team did an incredible job maximizing our fundraising in the final months of our race, especially with the digital advertising team creating a number of creative and innovative ads that helped us succeed. Authentic did a phenomenal job top-to-bottom, and I recommend them for your campaign.”

Tina Kotek


Despite the initial hurdles and the intensely competitive nature of the race, Tina Kotek triumphed as the Governor of Oregon, thanks to a rejuvenated online fundraising strategy.

Authentic’s innovative digital campaign was instrumental in this victory, effectively leveraging bulk acquisition buys, Google ads, and SMS messaging to raise funds and boost voter turnout. Without this digital uplift, reaching the decisive number of undecided voters might have remained an unattained milestone. The campaign not only achieved a substantial fundraising profit but also successfully connected with the electorate, setting a new standard in digital political campaigning.