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House Majority PAC

  • 50 influencers recruited by Vocal Media
  • 9M completed video views across influencers (Vocal) and ads (Authentic)
  • 1.5M persuadable swing voters reached
House Majority PAC
House Majority PAC


After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade with their decision in Dobbs v. Jackon Women’s Health Organization, Vocal Media and Authentic partnered with House Majority Forward to defend reproductive rights by running pro-choice content to voters in key swing districts via online influencers. Our mission was clear: to target female voters in swing districts across the country with engaging and relatable messaging that would highlight the high stakes for women’s reproductive rights in the upcoming 2022 midterms.

To achieve this, Vocal Media produced 50 videos with targeted influencers and Authentic turned them into paid video ads targeted to women 18-30 across the web and relevant social platforms. In this influencer marketing campaign case study, we will explore how Vocal Media and Authentic developed a shared campaign strategy that successfully leveraged influencer marketing and paid digital ads to defend reproductive rights in the face of unprecedented political challenges.


General Consulting, Paid Media, Design and Development

Influencer Marketing: The Key to Defending Reproductive Rights in 2022

To effectively reach our target political campaign marketing audience, Vocal Media focused the influencer messaging on highlighting the fact that Republicans were not going to stop trying to abolish Roe, and that the stakes were high for women’s reproductive rights. This message was reinforced when Senator Graham announced his proposal for a nationwide abortion ban, which further motivated our target audience to take action and support democratic candidates who upheld reproductive rights.

Targeting Female Voters in Swing Districts

To ensure that our pro-choice messaging reached the most impactful audiences, we targeted women 18-30 in swing districts across the country. We believed these voters would make or break a democratic victory in the 2022 midterms.

By utilizing videos produced by Vocal Media’s chosen influencers, Authentic was able to deliver our message in a way that was relatable, engaging, and felt very native to the platforms. We strategically ran on Instagram and Snap which we know over-indexes for this demographic. And to help drive additional incremental reach to our audiences, we created rich-media Social Canvas ads which look similar to social posts and serve on article sites across the web.

Using Non-Political Influencers to Amplify Pro-Choice Messaging

Vocal Media recruited non-political influencers, such as lifestyle and fashion personalities, to spread our pro-choice message to non-political audiences and amplify our message to potential voters who had not interacted or seen our ads. This allowed House Majority Forward to reach a diverse audience, and as these influencers were people the viewers already knew and trusted, we were able to connect more organically with the potential voter and convey our message effectively.

“We can’t say enough good things about our experience partnering with Vocal Media. Their team is incredibly talented and creative and highly attentive to their client’s needs. I firmly believe their strategic approach to our joint work with HMF won numerous races for Democrats in 2022. We highly recommend Vocal Media to anyone looking for influencer marketing.”

Mike Nellis, CEO of Authentic

“The Authentic team was an awesome strategic partner in this work – they created a best in class ads program that really let our team’s influencer content shine. The campaigns performed spectacularly with targeted demographics.”

Malia Fisher, CEO of Vocal Media


In this influencer marketing campaign case study, Vocal Media and Authentic’s partnership with House Majority Forward to run pro-choice content to voters in key swing districts in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was a huge success. By targeting women 18-30 in swing districts and utilizing videos produced by chosen influencers, we were able to reach our target audiences and win key House races that prevented the so-called “Red Wave.” The use of non-political influencers helped us to amplify our message and reach a wider audience, which ultimately contributed to the success of the political marketing campaign.