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National Immigration Law Center

  • Increased online donors by 605% in first year
  • Inspired 65K actions from new supporters
  • Average revenue has been increasing every quarter
National Immigration Law Center

Authentic helps National Immigration Law Center increase online donors by 605%

“Thanks to Authentic, our online metrics are way up across the board. Our supporters are more engaged than ever and I love knowing how hard the Authentic team is working to prioritize our organizational goals and brand identity. It’s been night and day partnering with Authentic and I highly recommend hiring them.”

— Will Dempster, Communications Director


The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) has been on the frontlines securing justice and opportunity for low-income immigrants across America for over three decades. As one of the foremost legal advocacy groups for immigrant rights nationwide, NILC has been instrumental in major legislative victories like advancing the DREAM Act.

However, with immigrant communities under threat, NILC’s mission to uphold justice, dignity, and liberty for all those seeking a better life in America has never been more vital. By providing counsel to lawmakers, legal support for vulnerable families, and mobilizing grassroots defenders of immigrant rights, NILC continues to fight against discrimination and unjust policies.

Now more than ever, NILC’s multidimensional approach is essential. From litigating to defend immigrant youth, to empowering communities through know-your-rights education, NILC deploys expert legal services, advocacy, and outreach to protect the American dream for millions striving to achieve it. With immigrant rights endangered like never before, expanding NILC’s donor base to maximize their nationwide impact is imperative.


After years of relying on outdated fundraising tactics, NILC’s online program had grown stale and outdated. Their online fundraising presence was regressing, and they lacked the in-house expertise to modernize their approach.

NILC needed to completely reinvigorate their fundraising strategy and dramatically increase their online dollars. This required expanding their donor base and implementing a modern, integrated, multi-channel program to engage new and existing donors, from email & texting to direct donate ads on social media sites, and more.

However, their existing tools and legacy strategies were not up to the task. NILC’s leadership recognized the need to partner with industry experts from Authentic to develop an innovative, effective supporter acquisition and fundraising program optimized for today’s digital landscape.


Authentic implemented a comprehensive donor acquisition program tailored to resonate with potential first-time donors and quickly initiated a rapid response online fundraising plan in the wake of natural disasters. Utilizing a multi-channel approach, we combined digital marketing and personalized content to build trust and urgency. 

Our campaigns were designed with a keen understanding of the targeted demographics, ensuring that each message was not only seen but deeply resonated with potential donors. The rapid response plan was optimized to ensure that the urgency of the situations was communicated effectively, inspiring immediate action from supporters worldwide while maintaining empathy and transparency for donors. 


Authentic employed an integrated, multi-channel digital strategy combining email, social media, and paid advertising. Using segment-specific messaging informed by in-depth audience research, we crafted compelling content & groundbreaking creative that educated supporters on NILC’s mission and impact.

Our intake forms, petitions, and other calls-to-action provided supporters with clear ways to engage after learning about NILC’s work. Personalized email nurturing journeys sustained engagement and primed supporters for donation asks.

On social media, we ran targeted advertising campaigns and implemented content strategies that amplified NILC’s legal victories and programs supporting immigrant communities nationwide. This built awareness and affinity among key demographics.

For fundraising, we developed segmented email appeals combining urgent needs with stories spotlighting NILC’s effective programs. These resonant messages drove donation rates while building long-term relationships with supporters.

With regular testing and optimization, we continued refining the multi-channel approach to maximize engagement, education, advocacy, and fundraising success. This comprehensive digital strategy overhaul powered NILC’s rapid expansion.


The campaign exceeded its goals across multiple metrics:

— Grew number of email list donors 605%

— Average $115k raised per quarter, with revenue increasing quarter-over-quarter

— Inspired 65K advocacy actions from new supporters


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