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Natural Resources Defense Council

  • Delivered 2.1 million impressions, reaching over 350K key environmental activists in New York
  • Created compelling narrative & visuals that helped the NRSC pass critical environmental legislation
Natural Resources Defense Council

Authentic delivers 2.1 million impressions to 300,000+ key activists & leaders to help the NRDC pass critical environmental legislation


The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is at the forefront of the battle to safeguard the environment. With the vision of ensuring the Earth sustains all its inhabitants, the NRDC’s has been focused on passing the ‘End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Act’ in New York. The objective of this environmental campaign strategy was to rally support among political leaders in New York State, aiming to amplify awareness and bolster endorsement of this crucial legislation.


The NRDC faced the daunting task of making their voice heard above the clamor of an increasingly crowded digital landscape. The objective of this environmental campaign strategy was clear: galvanize activists to take action to ensure the support of influential political figures within the New York State government, and those in close proximity to Governor Kathy Hochul. With a well-defined target audience, a clearly defined budget, and a critical message and mission, the NRDC needed a digital partner that would create a campaign that was not only engaging but highly targeted to ensure every impression made an impact.


Authentic’s paid media and creative teams embarked on a meticulously crafted campaign, combining compelling creative with precision targeting. Utilizing a combination of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and programmatic ads, we orchestrated a campaign that reached our targeted audiences and spurred them to take action. 

Each piece of content, from animated graphics to bumper videos and display ads, was engineered to elucidate the critical importance of the ‘End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Act’. Messaging was curated to spotlight the pivotal role of tax dollars and mobilized the citizenry’s voice in support of the ‘End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Act’ through advocacy forms. 


The campaign was characterized by its multifaceted approach, leveraging a spectrum of digital assets to communicate the pivotal message. Animated graphics illuminated the essence of the legislation, while short bumper videos provided succinct yet compelling narratives that underscored the urgent need for support.

By focusing on influential individuals within the NY State Legislature and those orbiting Governor Kathy Hochul, along with key locations in Albany, every impression was designed to make an impact. The intricate mesh of creative content and precision targeting ensured the message didn’t just reach the audience but resonated in a compelling way.


The meticulously crafted campaign’s environmental strategy culminated in over 2.1 million impressions, reaching nearly 350,000 activists in our target audience, a testimony to the precision and effectiveness of the campaign’s reach. The fusion of compelling narratives, engaging visuals, and strategic targeting proved to be a potent mix.

Every ad, video, and graphic was not just a piece of content but a clarion call that echoed the urgent necessity to support the ‘End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Act’. Authentic’s unwavering focus on blending creativity with strategic precision turned every impression into a potential endorsement, seeding the ground for a legislative shift towards a more sustainable and equitable environmental policy in New York State.


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