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The Asia Society

  • Generated a noticeable uptick in event attendance and engagement for the organization
  • Increased the visibility and engagement for the group by relaunching a Google Grants program
The Asia Society

Authentic partners with nonprofit organization, Asia Society, to boost diverse and engaging events in New York City


Asia Society, a renowned global nonprofit organization, is a pinnacle of cultural, educational, and artistic exchange that fosters mutual understanding and strengthens partnerships between Asia and the United States in a global context. Nestled in the heart of New York City, its headquarters bustles with activities that weave a rich tapestry of interactive exhibitions, educational initiatives, and policy dialogues. Each offering is carefully curated to unravel the intricate dynamics of Asia and foster a global dialogue that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries.

Within this vibrant atmosphere lies the Asia Society Museum, a haven where art and history converge to narrate compelling stories of Asia’s rich heritage and dynamic present. Each seasonal exhibition is a journey through time and space, offering visitors a glimpse into the nuanced dialogues, traditional ethos, and contemporary expressions that define Asia. With the organization’s commitment to enriching perspectives and fostering global connections, Asia Society stands as a beacon of cultural enlightenment amidst the city’s iconic skyline. Every event and exhibition is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, echoing the diverse voices and narratives that shape Asia’s identity in the contemporary world.


With a myriad of cultural, artistic, and educational offerings constantly vying for the attention of locals and tourists alike, Asia Society and its associated museum needed to ensure their unique and enriching exhibitions did not just blend into the noise but stood out as must-attend experiences. The challenge extended beyond just raising awareness; it encapsulated the nuances of attracting a diverse and engaged audience that would not only visit but immerse themselves in the offerings, sparking a global dialogue.

In addition, Asia Society sought to broaden their audience base, aiming for a rich tapestry of attendees who brought with them varied perspectives and backgrounds. The goal was to transform their New York City headquarters into a melting pot of ideas and interactions, where each event and exhibition became a platform for global conversations. Balancing the elevation of their brand presence and diversifying their attendee demographic, whilst maintaining the authenticity and depth of their content, posed a complex yet exhilarating challenge. Every campaign, every outreach needed to be meticulously crafted to echo the profound legacy and dynamic present of Asia Society’s offerings.


Authentic devised a dual-focused approach to effectively tackle Asia Society’s objectives. In this case study, we combined targeted digital advertising campaigns with strategic list acquisition initiatives to maximize reach and engagement. A comprehensive understanding of Asia Society’s diverse offerings enabled us to tailor each campaign to resonate with specific audience segments, thereby ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

In anticipation of managing Asia Society’s Google Grants program and promoting their new exhibition on various digital platforms, including Facebook and programmatic platforms, we intricately mapped out a strategy that would be as dynamic and multifaceted as the Society’s offerings.


Our initial focus was on creating visually appealing and content-rich ads to promote seasonal exhibitions at the Asia Society Museum. We worked with external partners for list acquisition, ensuring a focused approach to reach individuals and groups whose interests aligned with Asia Society’s offerings.

As we prepared to manage Asia Society’s Google Grants program, our digital advertising approach in this case study is custom designed to optimize visibility and engagement for their upcoming exhibition. Simultaneously, the promotion of their newly reopened café on Google Maps was executed with a meticulous focus on local SEO and geo-targeted advertising, ensuring maximum visibility and foot traffic.


The targeted digital ad campaigns in this local SEO case study resulted in a noticeable uptick in event attendance and engagement, with attendees echoing positive feedback on the exhibitions. The bulk acquisition enabled us to tap into a reservoir of potential enthusiasts, contributing to the growing diversity and engagement level of Asia Society’s audience base.

As we venture into the execution of the Google Grants program and upcoming exhibition promotions, we anticipate a continuation of the positive trend in engagement and visibility. The strategy for promoting the reopened café is expected to harness the power of local digital engagement, amplifying visibility and inviting a steady influx of visitors eager to experience the intersection of culture, art, and culinary delights at Asia Society.

Each milestone achieved reflects the seamless integration of Authentic’s paid media experience Asia Society’s rich, diverse offerings. We are not just witnessing an increase in numbers but a thriving, engaged community resonating with the cultural, educational, and artistic reverberations emanating from Asia Society’s New York City headquarters.


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