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The Raben Group

  • Revitalized TRG’s digital with refreshed newsletter and the creation of the RABEN50 initiative.
  • Achieved a notable increase in TRG’s email open rates and boosted its Facebook visibility by 50%.
The Raben Group
The Raben Group


The Raben Group, despite its rich history of transformative progressive work, faced challenges in narrating compelling stories and showcasing its diverse talent. The need was to manifest its success stories in an engaging manner while also offering insights into the agency’s unique blend of expertise and diversity through digital strategies.


General Consulting, Email Deliverability, Digital Paid Media, Design and Development, Logo and Branding


When Authentic assessed The Raben Group’s digital footprint, we identified a powerful story beneath the surface, waiting to be unveiled. Their rich history and diverse team were assets that many firms would envy, but these attributes weren’t translating into their online presence as effectively as they should. With this understanding, we crafted a strategy anchored in three central pillars: Content Revitalization, Social Media Engagement, and Thought Leadership.

First, the Content Revitalization strategy was developed to bring The Raben Group’s newsletters up to par with the quality of work they delivered. Recognizing that audiences now favor rich visual content over dense text, our goal was to break down information into digestible and visually appealing chunks. By doing so, we aimed to capture and retain the reader’s attention, ensuring that the stories of change The Raben Group championed would resonate deeply.

Simultaneously, the Social Media Engagement strategy aimed to propel The Raben Group’s voice across platforms where conversations are shaping the future: Twitter and Facebook. Digital spaces have become the new public squares, and to make The Raben Group’s presence felt, we focused on creating content that was not only engaging but also reflective of their values and ethos. We understood that quality trumped quantity, and thus, each post was crafted meticulously, resulting in our work dominating the top-performing content slots.

Lastly, with Thought Leadership in mind, we embarked on the RABEN50 initiative. We recognized that to truly stand out, The Raben Group needed to do more than just highlight its past achievements; it needed to drive conversations and set industry standards. RABEN50 was our answer to that. Instead of conventional marketing materials that peers were producing, this unique project would showcase The Raben Group’s depth of insight, its commitment to recognizing grassroots change-makers, and its finger on the pulse of progressive movements.

Together, these three pillars formed a comprehensive strategy, ensuring that The Raben Group’s digital presence was not only rejuvenated but also positioned as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.


The collaboration between Authentic and The Raben Group yielded significant digital transformation. On platforms like Twitter and Facebook, engagement rates and link clicks surged, highlighting the potency of the new content approach. RABEN50 further distinguished the firm as industry pioneers, cementing their position as thought leaders. In just a few months, The Raben Group’s digital narrative was amplified, resonating more powerfully and garnering broader visibility.


— The Raben Group’s Twitter account observed significant upticks across all performance metrics, including a 30.4% boost in link clicks and a 9.4% rise in engagement rate.

— The Facebook account saw even more pronounced growth, with metrics like link clicks rising by a whopping 142.9%.

— The RABEN50 initiative set The Raben Group apart from its competitors, further establishing its reputation as a forward-thinking firm.