Our Values

Authentic understands the importance of developing and fostering an environment that is inclusive of all of our employees. As a progressive organization, it is our responsibility to live our values and maintain a workforce that is reflective of the diversity of our nation. We remain dedicated and committed to building a company culture that is diverse, inclusive, and welcoming to all.

In addition, our company provides industry-leading benefits including competitive salaries based on a transparent compensation system, 5% 401K matching on day one for all employees, flexible sick and vacation leave, and more.

In an effort to look inward and holistically strengthen our company, our Human Resources and Operations department collects company data from employees through the deployment of a bi-annual Diversity Survey.

Workforce Representation Toplines

The information recorded here was entirely self-reported, anonymously, to eliminate misrepresentation or contamination of data. 

We are thankful to our staff for the information that they elected to share with our Human Resources and Operations Department. We know that diversity extends well beyond the scope of what is covered here (this information has also been condensed for use) and look forward to collecting additional data as we continue to grow and develop these reports.

Our most recent survey was conducted in November of 2020, Authentic Campaigns had been in operation for two and a half years and had 27 employees, with 27 respondents. Employees were granted the opportunity to opt-out of survey participation. 

Race and Ethnicity (Staff)

  • 59.3% of our employees are part of an underrepresented racial and/or ethnic group
    • 25.9% of our employees are African American/Black 
    • 22.2% of our employees are Asian/South Asian/Pacific Islander 
    • 11.2% of our employees are Latino/a/x 
  • 37.0% of our employees are White/Caucasian
  • 3.7% of our employees opted not to disclose

Race and Ethnicity (Leadership)

  • 60% of our Leadership are part of an underrepresented racial and/or ethnic group
    • 40% Latina
    • 20% Asian 

Gender Expression (Staff):

  • 70.4% Cis-woman 
  • 25.9% Cis-man
  • 3.7% Non-binary/Gender non-conforming

Gender Expression (Leadership):

  • 60% of our Leadership are cis-women
  • 40% of our Leadership are cis-men 

Sexual Orientation (Total):

  • 66.7% of our employees are straight
  • 33.3% of our employees are LGBTQ+

Disabilities (Total): 

  • 74.1% of our employees do not report having a disability
  • 25.9%  of our employees report having a disability